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Diamond painting is the new fun stress relieving craft taking the world by storm. Enjoy our premium selection of kits and get lost as you learn to paint with diamonds and create your own fantastic masterpiece. We ship our 5D Diamond Art worldwide and with thousands of 5 star reviews, our customers love our product.

Let yourself get lost for hours as you relax and paint by diamonds. Take a look at our 1000's of reviews left by our many satisfied customers!

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Create Your Own Diamond Painting
Create Your Own Diamond Painting

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Diamond Painting Kits Tips And Tricks for 2019

Our featured diamond painting tip for the month is to save and store your left over diamonds. When you being painting with diamonds, you will find yourself overwhelmed with leftovers and extra diamond painting tools and accessories, as well as diamonds. You should normally save your extra items when starting out.

The number one reason to do this is that sometimes, you will lose diamonds or you could come up short on a favorite diamond art project and be left scrambling to secure more diamonds. By saving your old diamonds, you will never be stuck in that position.

Also, 5D Diamond Art kits can contain round drill or square drill shaped diamonds. So there are plenty of differing types of colors and shapes of diamonds you will be dealing with.

You also can store these left over diamonds should you want to change up some of the diamond art you have. These projects can be modified to your own choosing as you develop the skills painting with diamonds.