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Ultra Thin Light Tablet
Ultra Thin Light Tablet

Ultra Thin Light Tablet

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Ready To REALLY Do Diamond Painting? You Need a LIGHT PAD!

The biggest issue a lot of people have with Diamond Painting is actually seeing the grid accurately and easily. Due to the dark nature of the guide, it can be difficult to see the numbers and shapes needed. That is where this LIGHT PAD solves the problem.

This tablet is now dimmable. Tap the logo on the front side of the tablet to control the brightness.


By placing a light pad underneath your canvas, it is MUCH easier to follow along.

This picture shows how easy it is to actually see when you use a light pad!

This Light Pad will make the project a lot easier and more enjoyable as you will see the symbols much more clearly.

By using this LIGHT PAD, you will ELIMINATE strain on the eyes and SAVE your neck and back from hunching over your project!

Most customers who use a light pad, insist it is the number 1 accessory to use for diamond painting. 

This lightweight LIGHT PAD was chosen as it is one of the thinnest pads on the market and illuminates via a USB cord for simple use.

Size:33.8 cm * 23.8 cm * 3.5 mm

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